445 Wp Half Cell Solar PV Module



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Brand Sunrise
SKU: 1043
Minimum Order Quantity: 70

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Model: SR-M672445HLP

Maximum Power Pmpp [Wp]: 445

Maximum Power Tolerance (%): +≥3%

Voltage at maximum Power Vmpp[V]: 22.36

Open circuit Voltage Voc [V]: 49.86

Current at maximum Power Impp [A]: 10.81

Short circuit Current Isc [A]: 11.41

NOCT [deg. C]: ±2

Module Efficiency [%]: 20.71 %

Cells Efficiency: 20.71 %

Number of Cells: 144 (6 x 24)

The Electrical characteristics are at Standard Test Conditions (STC: irradiance of 1000 W/m2, AM 1.5 spectrum, and a cell temperature of 25°C/77°F)

  • Additional Information

    High efficiency, Large Dimension Plus Half Cell(6x24) Mono Solar Module

    The product with multi-busbar design, offers a variety of options such as 430-450W output power, reducing cell silver paste consumption, improving cell efficiency and achieving higher power for modules. The half-cell technology is combined to reduce the heat of the modules and improve the safety performance. The multi-busbar structure has more uniform anti-cracking stress distribution and higher reliability.

    Product advantage

    • Use high light transmission and anti-reflection 3.2mm glass, which has stronger power generation performance in low light environment

    • PID attenuation can be reduced to a minimum under normal conditions

    • Multi-busbar design can effectively reduce the reliability risk caused by cracks and broken busbars

    • Half-cut structure reduces power generation loss caused by shading between modules

    • Approved by wind load 2400Pa and snow pressure 5400Pa load certification, and TUV test

    • 25 years of industry leading linear power warranty

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